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Polymeric plastic, known as thermoplastic PVC powder, is melted and molded into hose. Then it named PVC garden hose. Due to the chemical process (PVC hoses become very strong and rigid), PVC is less likely to rupture in an earthquake environment and can withstand pressures that many metals cannot such as galvanized pipes. This is why PVC is the first choice for plumbing and underground wiring. So the PVC hose is always the best choice.

PVC garden hose usually used in garden, it will In most cases, we will use garden pipes in the open air, and experience long-term physical and chemical effects, ultraviolet radiation, acid liquid corrosion, and friction with the ground in most cases, which requires us to have more requirements for garden pipes. Strict, so we PVC pipe is the best choice in most cases.

There are many hoses that are mixed with various chemical materials and will change after adding colorants, which will cause the hose to become soft, the quality of the hose will change, it is easy to break and bend, and become soft when the temperature is high, but the PVC material -we can add a variety of colorants, which can ensure that the color is bright and popular, at the same time, it can meet the quality requirements with no peculiar smell.

Our PVC garden hose have ISO certification, take it easy for its quality. And the performance is more and more better. If you have any questions, take it easy to ask us.