Garden Hose Reel
Garden Hose Reel

Garden Hose Reel

Material: SS material

Reinforcement: Steel Wire Spiral

Temperature: -40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F).

Garden sprayer

Wall mount (with plugs and screws)

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Product Introduction

Garden hose reels are the metal or plastic equipment which is widely used for rolling garden hoses up and for the use of next time in a safe and neat way. They are designed to attach to the side wall of a house or a building, or just on the ground for convenient using. No matter where they are mounted, hoses are coiled around a hollow core of all garden hose reels.

It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. The ideal width of the hose reel means that it can stand safely and securely even on uneven ground, thereby ensuring a consistently high level of comfort for the operator.

The ready-to-connect HR 4.525 1/2" wall hose reel kit has a robust frame and includes a 25 m quality OrientFlex 1/2" hose.

Garden Hose Reel Application:

For watering small or large surfaces or gardens

For watering large-surface kitchen gardens

For watering cultivated plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)

For watering ornamental plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)

For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture

Garden Hose Reel Characteristics:

The precisely measured space between the hose and legs mean that it can be smoothly wound and unwound.

Easy installation and assembly, and tools are not needed

When winding hose on and off, angled hose connection prevents it from wrapping, kinking or twisting

Slip-proof handle grip

Perfect for home and professional garden / landscaping needs

Summary of equipment details:


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