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Hybrid Garden Hose

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Made of Premium Hybrid Polymer to eliminate kinking under pressure.Hybrid garden hose does not fight you when you coil it.it is convenient to maneuver around.ldeal for extreme weather locations and contractors.

General Information

Hybrid Garden Hose Structural Layer

Length:10ft-100ft/5m-50m or customized upon request
Color:green,blue,rad,orange or customized
Packaging & Accessories:plastic film,heated shrink,color coard or customized upon request.

Hybrid Garden Hose
hybrid polymer garden hose
premium garden hose

Hybrid Garden Hose Specifications

Item No. Nominal Dimension Hose Dimension Working Pressure Burst Pressure Net Weight Measure
I.D. O.D. Length
inch mm mm m bar bar kg/roll m3
THG1-1217 1/2” 12 17 25 8 24 3.75 0.0115
THG1-1521 5/8” 15 21 25 8 24 5.7 0.02
THG1-1925 3/4” 19 25 25 7 20 6.25 0.027
THG1-2531 1” 25 31 25 5 15 8 0.042

Hybrid Garden Hose Features

Can be used under -20°C
Extreme all-weather flexibility
Lightweight & coils easily
Kink & abrasion resistant
UV Protection,Long life

Hybrid Water Hose Application

  • Watering gardens
  • General car wash
  • Daily cleaning

Why Choose Our Hybrid Polymer Garden Hose

  • Provide customized service: In addition to the regular size, our company provides customized service to meet the different needs of customers, including hose length, color, packaging, etc.
  • Time saving and efficient: Our hybrid water hose saves valuable time and energy by watering your garden more efficiently. Its kink-free design and lightweight nature make it easy to handle, allowing you to cover a larger area in less time.
  • Optimal versatility: This hose can be adapted to a variety of applications. From watering plants and flowers to cleaning cars, patios or decks and more.
  • User-Friendly Experience: It is designed with your convenience in mind, providing a user-friendly experience like no other. Its lightweight and flexible design makes it easy to handle, store and transport.

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