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PVC garden hose

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PVC GARDEN PIPE-3PLY/ 4PLY/ 5PLY, hose color, size and packaging can be customized.Lightweight, keeps its shape, flexible, easy to use, standard duty watering applications.

2-16mm Legacy Garden Hose

Legacy Garden Hose

The legacy garden hose was engineered with a lightweight Flexible Hybrid Polymer to lie flat and eliminate kinking under pressure.

  • 12mm Legacy Garden Hose
  • 16mm Legacy Garden Hose
  • 19mm Legacy Garden Hose
  • 25mm Legacy Garden Hose
25mm 4ply Garden Hose

4ply Garden Hose

The 4ply garden hose produced by our company is divided into different sizes and specifications.Provide customized hose length, color, packaging and other services.

  • 12mm 4ply Garden Hose
  • 16mm 4ply Garden Pipe
  • 19mm 4ply Garden Pipe
  • 25mm 4ply Garden Pipe
2-25mm 3ply Knitted Garden Hose-2

3ply Knitted Garden Hose

The PVC knitted garden hose has three layers,adopt qualified PVC synthesis material and polyester fiber.

  • 12mm 3ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 16mm 3ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 19mm 3ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 25mm 3ply Knitted Garden Hose
19mm 4ply Knitted Garden Hose

4ply Knitted Garden Hose

PVC Knitted Garden Hose is a 4-layer garden hose that utilizes advanced knitted technology to prevent kinks and twists.

  • 12mm 4ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 16mm 4ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 19mm 4ply Knitted Garden Hose
  • 25mm 4ply Knitted Garden Hose
2-25mm 5ply Garden Hose

5ply Garden Hose

5-Ply Garden Water Hose delivers lasting quality and proven performance.

  • 12mm 5ply Garden Hose
  • 16mm 5ply Garden Hose
  • 19mm 5ply Garden Hose
  • 25mm 5ply Garden Hose

How to choose the best PVC garden hose

It is recommended that you can identify its quality by taking look, touch and smell method.

Look: first of all, we should look at the appearance of the hose, from the color luster, the thickness of the wall, the sparse density and uniformity of the network, the cross-sectional material distribution of the body of the tube to determine the condition. The more uniform the color, the thicker the wall thickness of the tube in the same specification, the denser and more uniform the network, the more regular the distribution of material in the cross-section of the tube body, no honeycomb.

Touch: the smoothness of the surface, feel the surface with your hands whether it is smooth; bend the tube to see if he will rebound and the speed of rebound, the faster the rebound speed, the better the proof of its elasticity, the less likely to deform.

Smell: whether it comes with some pungent smell, if you can obviously smell the pungent smell, it means that the PVC garden hose non-environmental protection material.

High comments from customers on our garden hose

“Hl Sophie, We have just received our container. There was a delay in the rail and a delay with the depot in Gaborone, who couldn’t reverse into our site, We have now made an arrangement and have received the container.We are happy with the quality of the PVC and are grateful for your assistance.”

Dean Hudson from UK

“Hi Claire, I just received the container today. I wanted to let you know everything was perfect and exactly how I wanted it. Thank you for your hard work and for making the changes | asked for. Great job.”

Mr. Wes From American

Impressive all HEBEI OrientFlex employees seem to work 24 hours a day, every email is responded to quickly. Overall happy to deal with HEBEI OrientFlex so far. All the best.

Christophe Beyens from Netherlands


The PVC Garden Hose produced by our company are 3ply, 4ply, 3ply/4ply Knitted Garden Hose. We can customize the hose size, color and packaging

Do Garden Hoses Contain BPA Chemicals?

Do not, our PVC garden hose have tested much time by different organization.

Normal length

15M/ROLL,20M/ROLL,25M/ROLL,30M/ROLL;50M/ROLL&100M/ROLL also received.

Different between the PVC garden hose&PVC reinforcement garden hose?

The PVC garden hose tube is the layered winding of the line, and the PVC reinforcement garden hose tube is the cross crochet winding of the line.

Garden Hoses Connector

Plastic quick connectors are commonly used in Europe, and copper connectors are mostly used in America.

Normal ID&Thickness

(1)PVC garden hose:3 layers:
PVC reinforcement garden hose:3 layers:
(2) PVC garden hose:4 layers:
PVC reinforcement garden hose:4 layers::
(3)PVC garden hose:5layers& PVC reinforcement garden


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