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Are you bothered by the constant knotting of garden hoses at work, combing back and forth over and over again, straightening…

I often hear many community cleaners complaining that if they want to flush the underground garage, they finally took a long hose from the fire hydrant.

When flushing a place, they have to put down the hose and go back and turn the hose over. Flattening, straightening, and sometimes fiddling a few times when the hose is long is just too much of a hassle.

If the water hose is knotted, it will lead to poor water flow or directly stuck without water.

ORIENTFLEX, Hebei Runte Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd., is constantly selecting and researching products to choose the most suitable garden hose for you. Just to get rid of the knots that are giving you headaches, make better use of your garden hose.

How to solve? – Choose an optimal garden hose

When we buy PVC plastic garden hoses in the store, many consumers will worry about what kind of hose is considered an advantage. A good plastic hose can be used for 3-5 years, while a poor quality hose can be used in less than 1 year.

It will appear oily, hard, discolored and so on. The following ORIRENTFLEX suggests that you can identify its quality by looking at it and smelling it.

First look: First, look at the appearance of the hose, and judge from the color and luster, the thickness of the pipe wall, the density and uniformity of the network cable, and the distribution of the material in the cross-section of the pipe body.

The more uniform the color, the thicker the tube wall thickness in the same specification, the denser and more uniform the network, the regular distribution of the material in the cross section of the tube body, and no honeycomb, indicating that this tube will not be bad.

Secondly, see if it is produced by a regular manufacturer. Any regular manufacturer will print the manufacturer, some important product parameter information, and have a traceability code.

Second touch: the smoothness of the surface, touch the surface with your hand to see if it is smooth; bend the tube to see if it will rebound and the speed of the rebound, the faster the rebound speed, the better the elasticity, and the less easy it is to deform.

Thrid smells: Does it have some pungent odor? If you can smell the pungent odor, it means that the PVC plastic hose is not an environmentally friendly material.