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TPU Layflat Hose

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TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)layflat hose is a high-strength and durable pipeline material made of thermoplastic polyurethane. It has good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, and fatigue resistance.

General Information

black tpu layfalt hose

Construction: Extruded Through-the-Weave
Cover: Hydrolysis Resistant TPU
Reinforcement: 100% High tenacity synthetic yarn
Tube: Hydrolysis Resistant TPU
Operating Temperature:-60° F to 176°F (-50oC~+80oC)
Standard length:660ft (200meters),other lengths available per request
Color:Black,other colors available per request
Couplings:LDHC V couplings,LDHC S couplings, LDHC FM couplings, LDHC Mender

tpu layflat hose
red tpu layfalt hose
black TPU latflat hose
tpu lay flat hose

TPU Layflat Hose Specification

Part# ID Wall Working Bursting
Thickness pressure pressure
Inch mm mm bar bar
MLPU150 1-1/2″ 38 2.6 21 63
MLPU200 2″ 51+1.5 3 21 63
MLPU250 2-1/2″ 64+1.5 3 21 63
MLPU300 3″ 76+2.0 3 17 51
MLPU400 4″ 103+2.0 3.5 17 51
MLPU600 6″ 154+2.5 4 14 42
MLPU800 8″ 204+3.0 4.5 15 45
MLPU1000 10″ 254+3.0 4.7 14 42
MLPU1200 12″ 305+3.0 4.8 10 30
MLPU1400 14″ 355+3.0 5.2 10 30
MLPU1600 16″ 406+3.0 5.4 10 30

TPU Lay Flat Hose Characteristics

  • Large diameter, up to 16″. Long continuous length, up to 200 meters per roll.
  • Good wear resistance, can maintain the original physical and mechanical properties for a long time;
  • Good chemical resistance, can be used in harsh environments such as acids and alkalis;
  • Good high temperature resistance, can work in high temperature environments without deformation;
  • Good low temperature resistance, can work in low temperature environments without cracking;
  • Good flexibility, can work at smaller bending radius;
  • Customizable in color and size to meet different customer needs;
  • Long service life, good economy, and can save maintenance and replacement costs.
  • The elongation under pressure is almost 0, preventing the distortion of the water belt from causing increased water flow resistance and wear of the water belt.

Production Process

production process

Product Test



Each roll: 200 meters
≥6” (ID: 150mm or more) suitable for bracket packaging,
Small size: 1) Can be wrapped side-by-side on a stand, 2) Conventional reel-to-tray packaging.


Polyurethane Layflat Hose Production Workshop


Lay Flat Water Transfer Hose Application

Suitable for use and recommended for frac water transferring, dewatering in mining and water transfer in harsh environment

tpu layfalt hose application

Customer Reviews

“We have been using TPU Layflat hose for our irrigation needs and it has been excellent. The high water flow, flexibility and durability make it a great choice for our farm.”


“The TPU Layflat Hose has transformed our agricultural operations. The efficient water flow and durability have significantly improved our irrigation system’s effectiveness.”


“We used the TPU Layflat hose for industrial water distribution and it exceeded our expectations. It is tough, chemically resistant, and can handle high pressures with ease. Highly recommended!”


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