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PE Layflat Hose

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PE lay flat hose is suitable for uneven farms. The weight is much lighter than rigid PE pipe and PVC lay flat pipe. The size of our products is from 32mm to 152mm. Thickness and length are sustomized according to your requirements.

General Information

Tube: Monolayer polyethylene
Reinforcement: polypropylene net
Temperature: -10℃ to +60℃ ( 14℉ to +140℉ )
Application:PE Layflat Hose is used for irrigation and low pressure water supply in general industry and construction to convey and discharge water. It is ideal for irrigation at low pressure connected with thin wall irrigation pipes.

PE Lay flat Hose
PE Layflat Hose
Black PE Layflat Hose
1-PE Layflat Hose

Detailed Specs

High pressure, anti-fracture, small expansion rate and so on. In the anti-fracture, tensile and other aspects have a very important performance
Light soft, bright color, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV, environmental odor
When the liquid is delivered at a low temperature, the hose body itself can remain soft and elastic. However, the use of the time to pay attention to the correct method, so as not to affect its normal use
It is wear resistant, attractive, soft, light, obnoxious, flavorless and environment protection

This is widely used for auxiliary equipment in agriculture and forestry irrigation and is fit for conveying liquid at low or medium temperature and under high pressure.

Item Code ID WP BP Length
inch mm bar psi bar psi m
PLHM-51 2 50 4 60 12 180 100
PLHM-76 3 75 4 60 12 180 100
PLHM-102 4 102 4 60 12 180 100
PLHM-153 6 152 4 60 12 180 100
PLHM-207 8 207 4 60 12 180 100

Highlighted Features

Hose Color

Various color hoses can be customized


And we could design package according to customer’s desire


Suitable for various garden irrigation,vehicle washing and daily washing.

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