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Brass Camlock

Brass Camlock Coupling

  • Coupling body: Brass
  • Handles & pins: Brass
  • MOQ: 600pcs
  • Thread: NPT, BSP, BST & NPSM available
aluminum camlock

Aluminum Camlock Coupling

  • Material: Aluminum Coupling
  • Coupling Body: Aluminum
  • Handles: brass
  • MOQ: 200pcs
  • Pull Rings: Brass
  • Thread: NPT, BSP, BST & NPSM available
Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling

  • Coupling body: stainless steel 316
  • Handles & pins: stainless steel 304
  • MOQ: 200pcs
  • Thread: NPT, BSP, BST & NPSM available
camlock polypropylene

Polypropylene Camlock Coupling

  • Coupling body: Polypropylene
  • Handles & pins: stainless steel
  • MOQ: 600pcs
  • Thread: NPT, BSP, BST & NPSM available
  • Working temperature: -150°F to +450°F (-101°C to + 232°C)
1-Germany Type Clamp

Germany Type Clamp

  • Featuring a one-piece design that contains no welded parts, this style of screw clamp or band clamp delivers higher mechanical strength and a more secure connection between the hose and the fitting it is attached to.
Super Hose Clamp

Super Hose Clamp

  • Super Hose Clamps are available from size 17mm, with size 64mm and above offering the highest tightening torques with 8.8 high tensile bolts allowing an impressive maximum recommended torque of 25Nm.
2-American Type Hose Clamp

American Type Hose Clamp

  • Band width: 8mm/12.7mm
  • Material: Stainless steel SS304 SS316
  • Screw: Hexagon screw
  • Custom sizes with shorter or extended thread patterns are also available.

High comments from customers on our garden hose

“Hl Sophie, We have just received our container. There was a delay in the rail and a delay with the depot in Gaborone, who couldn’t reverse into our site, We have now made an arrangement and have received the container.We are happy with the quality of the PVC and are grateful for your assistance.”

Dean Hudson from UK

“Hi Claire, I just received the container today. I wanted to let you know everything was perfect and exactly how I wanted it. Thank you for your hard work and for making the changes | asked for. Great job.”

Mr. Wes From American

Impressive all HEBEI OrientFlex employees seem to work 24 hours a day, every email is responded to quickly. Overall happy to deal with HEBEI OrientFlex so far. All the best.

Christophe Beyens from Netherlands

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