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Layflat Hose

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The LayFlat Hose has a PVC tube cover reinforced with three plies of polyester yarn. water discharge hose is ideal for fire-fighting, shipping, petroleum, chemical industry, agriculture and mining. 

PVC Layflat Hose

● Light weight,Good flexibility.
● Corrosion resistant,anti-aging.
● Easy handle & storage.
● Various colors available.
● Assemblies and/or customized lengths available.
● Non-toxic,Non-smell
● Burst pressure 3 times working pressure

Double PVC Layflat Hose

● High pressure, anti-fracture, small expansion rate and so on.
● Light soft, bright color, corrosion-resistant,wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV, environmental odor
● When the liquid is delivered at a low temperature, the hose body itself can remain soft and elastic.

PVC Lining Layflat Hose

  • Lining: PVC
  • Reinforcement: Polyester jacket
  • Temperature: -40℃ to +80℃ ( -40℉ to +176℉ )
  • Versatile and Safe: Suitable for CAFS and foam concentrate applications.

PE Layflat Hose

PE Lay flat Hose is used for irrigation and low pressure water supply in general industry and construction to convey and discharge water.

TPU Layflat Hose

  • Construction: Extruded Through-the-Weave
  • Cover: Hydrolysis Resistant TPU
  • Reinforcement: 100% High tenacity synthetic yarn
  • Tube: Hydrolysis Resistant TPU

Production Process Of PVC lay flat hose

Extrusion the inner layer, high tensile polyester yarn braided- outer layer pvc extruding- type wheel printing or ink-jet printing-coiling- 6bar of test pressure by 2 times of 4bar working pressure-packaging. The common color of PVC layflat hose is red, blue, also can do yellow, white etc as per customer’s request.

PVC layflat hose from China manufacturer

PVC Layflat Hose Couplings Accessories

pvc layflat hose couplings

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