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If we want to prolong the service life of the pipe, we have to understand some PVC SUCTION HOSE storage strategies.

1. PVC SUCTION HOSES may be exposed to a variety of conditions during use, and their physical properties may change accordingly. Therefore, it may not be used in the most suitable state of use.

2. The fifo cycle can be adopted.If extended storage time is required, such as one year, hoses should be thoroughly inspected before use.

3. Storage temperatures should be maintained at 0°C/32°F to 35°C/95°F(15°C/59°F is the best). Relative humidity should not exceed 65%.

4. PVC SUCTION HOSES should be stored in dark place, avoid sunlight and strong artificial light. Storage area Windows should be painted red, orange or white.

pvc suction hose

5. Storage environment

6. All hose fittings including hoses shall not be exposed to or in contact with solvents, fuels, oil, grease, volatiles, acids, disinfectants, etc.

7. Storage shall be located at a sufficient distance from heat sources (including heating equipment) to meet the temperature specifications in Clause 2.3. Place insulation panels if sufficient distance is not possible.

8. There should be no electromagnetic field change in the storage place. The electric field or magnetic field change will cause the wind metal coil of the hose to generate current, which will cause the hose to heat up. Can produce such strong electric and magnetic fields such as: high voltage cable and high frequency generator.

9.Hoses should not be compressed, stretched or excessively shaped when stored. Do not come into contact with any sharp metal. Store in dry conditions, separate areas if conditions permit. When the hose coronal roll up storage should be flat, should not be stacked. If stacking is required, the stacking height should not exceed the limit to avoid permanent deformation caused by pressure on the lower hose.

10.Hoses should be protected from rats. Storage facilities should take protective measures to prevent rodents from biting hoses.

11. Ensure that the hose is in good condition when leaving the warehouse and meets the use conditions. Therefore different hoses should be marked accordingly. In special cases, if the hose is stored for a long time, check the metal pipe end carefully before leaving the warehouse.

12 .Ensure that there is no residual transfer material inside the hose before it is put into storage. If the transmission substance is a chemical substance; Explosives, inflammable, corrosive items, should take special inspection.

13. Wash with a brush, sponge, flannelette soaked in soapy water or an active detergent. Do not use metal brushes, abrasives or sharp instruments.

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