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There are many kinds of PVC layflat hose and it has a wide range of applications. The most familiar one is its use in agricultural irrigation.

The flat, coiled design of a hose and its compatibility with extension pieces make it a suitable material for low or moderate pressure watering applications.

A Layflat Hose Design And Coupler Pieces

PVC is used to manufacture lay flat hoses. This material contains a coating that is waterproof and resilient to ultraviolet rays. Compressed hose coils will appear to be wider in diameter than the fittings that a hose will be connected to.

When water is running through a layflat section, the tubing will become rounded. Measuring the end of a fully engaged hose will provide an accurate width dimension for a hose’s opening. This dimension should match the dimension of a coupler.

A coupler is used when two layflat hose sections are going to be attached together. A field or garden that is long in length may require the use of a coupler. By choosing to attach hose segments, the same water source can be used for all of the irrigation applications that will be conducted.

Each end of a coupler should be inserted through the end of each hose that is being attached together. A metal clamp will need to be secured to the outside of the hose pieces. The clamp will prevent the coupler from coming loose.

So for the PVC layflat hose, laying is the key to use, which is very important for the application of the entire PVC lay flat hose, its laying method is commonly used in three ways: vertical laying along the internal staircase shaft or patio, along the vertical wall laying and along External evacuation stairs are laid vertically.

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Let’s take a look at the specific information.

The three types of PVC lay flat hoses laid vertically are preferably suspended from top to bottom. You can also take the safety rope upstairs, put one end of the rope upstairs and put it on the ground, pull it upstairs with PVC lay flat hose.

This kind of method is much slower than the former type; the weight of the water supply interface of the water supply line laid vertically along the external wall or vertical shaft in the building is heavy. Each PVC lay flat hose weighs about 60kg after filling. , Must use a high-strength water hose or safety rope tied to the lower end of each PVC lay flat hose interface to pull fixed.

Layflat Hose
Layflat Hose

The upper end of the hose is bent at a right angle of 90°. It is easy to be cut or nicked by the corners of the wall. It should be wrapped with a soft cloth such as clothing, bedding, and curtains at the bend.

PVC lay flat hose should be connected with a water separator with automatic pressure relief function from the ground up to the vertical bend to prepare for vertical PVC when the water is stopped.

Use flat drain hoses to relieve pressure; ordinary water separators can also be used. When you need to stop water pressure relief, just open a water outlet.

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