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PVC Corrugated Suction Hose that is commonly seen on pumps across many industries (not for food grade transfer). It is a non-marking, lightweight, mild abrasion and chemical resistant hose that’s easy to handle and is typically used in lighter duty applications.

The clear aspect of pvc suction hose permits excellent visibility, and its smooth exterior and interior allow for maximum flow of products. This hose is not recommended for transferring fuels and is also not FDA approved for potable water.


PVC corrugated suction hose is designed for regular water supply and drainage, and for transporting various powdery particles and liquids, it is widely used in civil and building works, agriculture, minjing, construction, shipbuilding and fishery.

PVC corrugated hose


·Abrasion and chemical resistant

·Excellent bending radius

·Impact & crush resistant

·Corrugated rigid spiral helix reinforcement

·Smooth inner construction for unrestricted flow of materials

·Economical, flexible & lightweight for easy transport

PVC corrugated hose


A majority of suction and delivery hoses are multipurpose hoses, meaning that they can be used in various industries, for a number of applications.

Suction hoses are used in agriculture to dispense slurry, silage and animal waste, taken from the animal sheds, onto the fields in order to fertilise the soil. They are also used to deliver seeds, granules and other foods to livestock.

These hoses are also used in the industrial and construction industries for the removal of dust, wood shavings and other small debris as well as for the transfer and conveyance of sewage, fuels, oils, light chemicals, water and other non-solvent based liquids.

Vehicular applications also benefit from these types of hose, as they can be used to carry fuels to and from tankers, aircraft, boats and other large vehicles. They can also be used to transfer oil and fuel for processing or, to and from, storage.

Suction and discharge hoses are also even used in the food industry, for the transportation of seeds, granules, beers, water, as well as other drinks and food substances.

They are even used in crisis situations like floods to suck up large amounts of water, helping to bring down flood levels. They are also used in fighting fires (mainly in the USA and Australia) by transporting water from a local fire hydrant or body of standing water such as a reservoir.


As mentioned, suction and delivery hoses are used for numerous applications across a range of industries. From agriculture, horticulture, construction, emergency, marine, transport, food and manufacturing.

Some hoses are better suited to certain industries than most. For example, clear transparent suction hoses are ideal for the food industry, as they allow for quick and easy inspection on production lines. The operator is able to see food material or particles directly through the hose, meaning that production doesn’t need to be stopped and manufacturing can continue.

Suction and delivery hoses are also an ideal fit for the industrial industry for the transfer of waters and liquids, to more specialist applications, such as fuel and oil transportation.

Suction hoses are also suitable for technical and more specialised industries, such as the marine industry, where suction and delivery hoses can be used for tankers within boats.

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