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Layflat hose is one of the materials we use, but we need to pay attention to what it is in the process of using it, now we will carefully understand this aspect of knowledge, right?

We need to know is that the Layflat hose is a plastic product, now there are a lot of manufacturers in the cost reduction at the same time also reduce the quality of the plastic profile products, due to some reasons of the formula components, the direct and effective way is to go to increase the filler, fill the amount of unlimited greatly reduced its physical and mechanical properties. In order to ensure good product value, various additives are added in the process of processing and production, of which too much or too little can affect the quality of the product.

In the process of use, it needs to be placed in a suitable environment, so as to extend the life of the Layflat hose to play a very good role, saving a lot of costs.

Layflat Hose
Layflat Hose

There are many people who will wonder why additives are needed. Can’t they be produced from completely new raw materials? Of course you can use brand new ones, but the cost will increase, but the Layflat hose belongs to the seasonal products, almost 2-3 years will be replaced once, and there is no need to use brand new ones of very good quality. Also brand new material is not very suitable, softness, colour, etc., will be affected and appropriate additives will improve the performance of the product.

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