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Enhanced PVC steel wire hose for the three-layer structure, often referred to as PVC steel wire reinforced hose. PVC steel wire hoses, PVC wire mesh reinforced hose, reinforced hose inside and outside the two layers of PVC soft plastic, the middle layer is a steel wire reinforced structure, that is, PVC steel wire hose, PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC steel wire mesh reinforced hose, PVC steel wire mesh hose, etc.. In fact, it is also the internal increase in the enhancement of the steel wire layer thus causing PVC hose in strength, resistance to twisting, quality and other aspects of the modified or enhanced PVC hose that has undergone certain changes.

The steel wire reinforced pvc hoses is a new type of PVC enhanced material, the pressure resistance and hardness has been very good improvement. Steel wire hose in the Z main there are multiple production methods, including the main types of steel wire hose in the market are high-pressure steel wire hose, low-pressure steel wire hose, high-temperature steel wire hose, low-temperature steel wire hose, food-grade steel wire hose, anti-static steel wire reinforced hose, PVC steel wire fiber composite hose and several other, different environments use different ways, where the new wire reinforced pvc hose is now used Z for a wide range of products. Or steel wire mesh or spiral steel wire, so its formation of the hose also has a number of designations.