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PVC fibre reinforced hose will add lead salt stabilizer in the process of use, and lead is toxic to human body; PVC fibre reinforced hose contains heavy metal inside, will precipitate into drinking water, harmful to human health;

PVC is also called polyethylene, chlorine is harmful to human body.metal, will precipitate into the drinking water, endangering human health; PVC is also called polyethylene, chlorine elements are harmful to human health. Therefore, PVC fibre reinforced hoses is not available for drinking water transport.

The PVC fibre reinforced hose is also known as a mesh hose made of high quality PVC material, which is clean and transparent and allows you to see the fluid in the tube.

The tube is flexible,Flexible, easy to assemble and lay. It is more resistant to pressure and oil than ordinary polyester mesh hoses and will last longer. Mainly suitable for industrial use. Not for contact with food media.

PVC fibre reinforced hoses temperature range: 0°C ~ +60°C. Suitable for: drainage and water supply of equipment, transport of all types of mechanical oil and water, filling and pressure piping.

If you want to deliver drinking water directly, we can recommend high quality hoses. We have hoses in other materials besides PVC hoses to meet your different needs. We have a wide range of PVC, rubber hoses, different materials and types, if you need them, please feel free to contact us.