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Most users of agricultural PVC Layflat hoses are farm owners and most of them are used in outdoor environments. If you do not know enough about the performance of the PVC Lay flat hose and are not familiar with the use of accessories, it is easy to damage the belt and reduce its service life. How to use them is explained in detail in this article.

In any sprinkler irrigation method of agricultural PVC Lay flat hose in the process of water delivery can not avoid dragging, therefore depends on the quality of the PVC Lay flat hose of, good belt leather with circular loom precision weaving high strength polyester thread, smooth skin, no jump line, warp yarn density uniform, good quality of raw materials to determine the belt wear resistance and life of, spring day and night temperature difference is relatively large, especially is to come in the north, the night temperature is still in Therefore, when choosing a PVC Lay flat hose for agriculture, it is important to check whether the belt is antifreeze, whether it can be unfolded normally at low temperatures, etc., so as to maintain the soft characteristics of the belt.

Lay Flat Hose
Lay Flat Hose

Then if the PVC Layflat hose hardens, it is likely to be inferior, and in the process of continuing to use, the tube may explode and other phenomena, then in the agricultural PVC Layflat hose process, the PVC Layflat hose packaging is an important accessory, often used to wrap the coating PVC Layflat hose broken place, in as one of the accessories needed for irrigation, cure the loopholes attached to the PVC Layflat hose, then it is also possible to achieve water saving.

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