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PVC Clear Hose is a lightweight, non-toxic PVC transparent tube, made of high-quality composite pvc material and high-strength polyester thread. It is colorful, light, flexible, flexible, portable, excellent, adaptable, and has a low expansion coefficient. It can be used in factories, farms, ships, buildings and households to transport water, oil and gas under normal working conditions.

Features of PVC Clear Hose

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance and strong oxidation resistance.
  2. Smooth inner wall, stable size, light weight and flexibility.
  3. Pollution-free, non-conductive, and can be used in many daily applications.
  4. Good pressure handling ability, not easy to deform.
  5. Excellent impact strength, does not support bacterial growth.
  6. Meet ASTM standards.
  7. Furniture grade materials. Made of super strong, UV resistant PVC material.
  8. Circuit board compatibility. Compatible with most Sch 40 fittings on the market.
  9. Ultimate security. It is non-toxic and does not contain metals or phthalates, and meets all established international health and safety standards.
  10. Customized service. Color,thickness,length can be produced as your request.
  11. Easy to cut and assemble transparent PVC hose fittings and hoses. Its clear appearance can be quickly checked.
    PVC clear hose

Applications of PVC Clear Hose

Laboratory hoses;

Water distillation line;

Deionized water system;

Air conditioning drainage;

Refrigeration drainage;


Bottling plant;

Beverage dispensing device;

Ice maker;

Printing equipment;

Efficient furnace drainage;

Transfer of weak chemicals and acids;

Pneumatic lines;

Laboratory hose.

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