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Layflat hoses are used for agricultural and forestry irrigation and liquid transportation in industrial fields. Heavy-duty layflat hoses (8/10bar) can be used for mud discharge in construction, industry, mining and marine industries.
PVC Layflat Hose
PVC Layflat Hose is most commonly used on agricultural equipment that requires continuous water flow through irrigation systems. Other applications include pumps, swimming pools and spas, construction, mines and oceans.

Do you know the product PVC Layflat Hoses?

●Light weight,Good flexibility.
●Corrosion resistant,anti-aging.
●Easy handle & storage.
●Various colors available.
●Assemblies and customized lengths available.
●Burst pressure 3 times working pressure.

What do we need to pay specialattention to about PVC Layflat Hose?

●Size:We Orientflex provides 3/4 to 12 inch PVC layflat hoses.(It depends on different pressures.)
●Pressure: Standard duty、Medium duty、Heavy duty.
The range of specifications we Orientflex provides is:
4bar and 6bar: 3/4″-4″ conventional 100 m/roll,
6″-12″ conventional 50 m/roll,
14″-16″ conventional 25 m/roll;
8bar and 10bar: 3/4″-6″ conventional 50 m/roll.

We Orientflex can provide:
Tensile test report of the hose and The FDA certification.
Unconventional sizes can also be made.
If you have any questions, please contact us!