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A fire fighting latflat hose is a hose used to transport fire retardant liquids such as high pressure water or foam. In the cognition of many people, fire hoses are specially used for fire fighting, and the hoses specially used for fire fighting require high quality. In addition, fire hoses can also be used in agriculture and forestry irrigation, high-pressure water delivery, gas delivery and water flight.

Why are fire lay flat hoses so useful?

Excellent material
The material of the fire hose is divided into two parts: the material of the belt itself and the material of the inner lining of the pipe body. Usually people call it canvas hose, referring to the material of the fire hose body. The so-called canvas is actually mostly a tubular and long tube body (belt body) that is made of polyester yarn (large chemical fiber) for the warp and high-density textile fabrics such as polyester high-strength yarn for the weft.
layflat fire hose

Bright colors
Most fire hoses are white on the outside and black on the inside, or red on the outside and black on the inside, or braided on the outside. Bright colors, easy to identify in special occasions, firm color, not easy to fade, high durability.

Easy to carry
Most of the fire hoses are certified by quality inspection. Fire hoses on the market today are resistant to high and low temperatures, have strong adhesion, are not easy to leak, have a long service life, and are resistant to pressure, corrosion and friction, and will not become hard, brittle and fractured.

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