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Today, we test is the PVC air hose exported to Belgium, the customer is a Belgian equipment company, they use the PVC air hose to deliver water, because the customer has pressure requirements, we also conducted a pressure test.
we test is the PVC air hose exported to Belgium

The customer is our new customer, the customer has been purchasing other items from China, due to the expansion of his scope of work, the demand for air hose multiplied, buying in large quantities from China is more appropriate, the customer first approached us for a two-meter-long sample, we actively communicate with the customer when preparing the sample to understand the customer’s needs, the customer received the sample, water delivery and pressure testing, because it is used in equipment, the customer wanted to place a trial order first to see how long the PVC air hose would last, etc. The customer bought 10 rolls first.

After receiving the goods, the customer immediately replaced our PVC air hose, and after using them for a period of time, the PVC hose did not have any problems, and their production went smoothly. The customer decided to place an order to stock. Four different colors, the inner layer are all black, the outer layer are: yellow, red, blue and black. 50 meters per roll, 600 rolls in total. Here are some photos of our inspection.

The tester returned the following information

1 All production has been completed

2 Packaging mark in accordance with the contract requirements 3 strictly in accordance with the contract requirements size, color production, to ensure that there is no color difference in color, to ensure the weight and pressure.
PVC air hose test
PVC garden hose test
PVC garden hose water delivery and pressure testing