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The products we tested today are PVC garden pipe, two different PVC air hose, there is a 40GP, the customer from South Africa, he wanted three products this time, it is the first time to buy our products, but we have known for 5 years, the customer first learned about us is in the Canton Fair, but the customer has a stable supplier and the purchase quantity is not big, so he never placed an order with us.

Because the customer mainly used for himself and provided these hoses to his brother who worked in the gold mine, due to his brother’s changing demand. The old supplier’s products can not meet the current requirements, we often update our products to customers, customers in demand at the same time, he found us, we sent samples to customers in the early stage,

the sample passed the test, so the customer placed this order.

Followings are some PVC garden pipe pictures:
the sample PVC garden tubes test
the sample passed the test
PVC garden tubes test