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Today, we are going to talk about the PVC suction hose, and many people want to know what they need to pay attention to when using the PVC suction hose.

Always using PVC function hoses within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, open/close any valve slowly to avoid creating shock pressure and damaging the hose. The hose will expand and contract slightly with changes in its internal pressure, so cut the hose to a slightly longer length than you need when using it.
Suction hose

The PVC suction hose used should be suitable for the fluid being loaded. Consult a professional if you are not sure if the hose you are using is suitable for a particular fluid.

Do not use non-food grade hoses for the production or handling of food products, for supplying drinking water, and for cooking or washing food. Hose should be used above its minimum bend radius. When the hose is applied to powders and granules, please enlarge its bending radius as much as possible to reduce the possible wear on the hose.