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Some customers want to purchase different colors of hose, ask us whether we can custom hose color, of course.

These PVC steel wire transparent soft hose in the use of time is to be able to well show it use value, production of such a hose is also the production of its corresponding disposal, take the enhanced treatment of the operation is to use to such a hose is not only the use of good performance is also the color is also very beautiful, design is to have good beauty, will be able to those hoses exist before The lack of to abandon a lot of areas are used to use is to be able to complete the medium of transport operations. Now they are also more superior in terms of performance.

Black PVC fiber reinforced hose is a type of hose with a high degree of color, such a hose is also able to show its many advantages when used, so that it can also make the actual use of it will be more As the name implies, it is also a type of hose made of PVC material, such a material is a high-quality material type, so it is also able to make its production of The material is a high quality material, so it is possible to make the waste products better and bring a lot of advantages to the actual use.

If you want different custom hose color, you can contact us, we have a professional color palette and you can pick the color you like.