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Characteristics of PVC Layflat Hoses:

1.PVC layflat hose High pressure, anti-fracture, small expansion rate and so on. In the anti-fracture, tensile and other aspects have a very important performance.
2.PVC layflat hose Light soft, bright color, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV, environmental odor.
When the liquid is delivered at a low temperature, the hose body itself can remain soft and elastic. However, the use of the time to pay attention to the correct method, so as not to affect its normal use.

PVC layflat hose Applications

Agricultural water, mining sand, environmental protection, industrial oil and other fields.
How to Use: There are the following situations.
1.When connecting PVC Layflat Hoses to the interface, it should be lined with a soft protective layer.
2.When using PVC Layflat Hose, it is strictly forbidden to discount suddenly, and do not arbitrarily drag PVC Layflat Hose on the ground. And it is necessary to pay attention that Layflat Hose should not be contaminated with oils, acids, alkalis and other chemicals. As long as it is contaminated, then it should be cleaned and aired. It is also necessary to use high-quality PVC Layflat Hose in water pumps.
3.When the liquid is transported at a low temperature, it can be kept soft and has a certain degree of elasticity. The PVC Layflat Hose has uniform wall thickness, and the aging agent is added in accordance with industry standards.

The difference between single layer and double layers:
Single layer of water hose inner and outer glue extruded together, double layer of water hose first extrude the inner glue, then wound the line, and extrude the outer glue, the production process is similar to the wire tube.

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