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When you water the garden, do you always worry about the kink in the pipe? Many people will have a lot of trouble when using hoses, because after a long time of sunshine, the quality of the hoses will decline and become very soft. It is easy to have a torsion. Therefore, this requires the hoses to have high quality in order to meet the needs of people for long-term use.

In today’s market, the PVC Anti-Torsion Knitted Garden Hose is very popular. PVC Anti-Torison Garden Hose, knitted reinforced hose, high quality, good quality garden hose with noozle, connectors and spary gun. Light-weight,flexibility. Abrasion-resisitant cover, UV proof, colorful appearence. Good resistance to weather aging.
PVC garden hose

Next, let’s introduce how to maintain the hose.It is necessary to strictly prevent physical damage. After installation, the pipe is strictly prohibited from knocking, bumping, smashing and pressing. Protective measures shall be taken before concealment. Certain measures shall be taken to prevent the pipe from being broken by falling bricks and sundries before being closed.

Besides,due to the constituent elements of PVC pipes, chemical damage should be prevented, which is very easy to ignore in construction. For pipes installed outdoors or in direct sunlight, a dark protective layer should be wrapped to prevent chemical damage to the pipes caused by sunlight.

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