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You probably already have a garden hose for watering and washing.If you’re like many people ,the garden hose probably hardened over time, developed kinks that can’t be straightened out,and even had a few leaks.

For those in the market for a new garden hose, the following may help you find the one that best meets your needs.

First,PVC Garden Hose is a flexible hose made of PVC material with excellent temperature resistance, UV resistance and chemical corrosion performance. In addition, its resistance can be used for a longer time.Unlike opaque rubber hoses, the PVC hose can be made in a transparent and opaque variety of colors.

Second,common garden hoses are often textured, knitted or reinforced to make them more durable and less kink.Generally, these types of hoses tend to be more durable than others.

Third,the durability of the garden hose is really important when you plan to drag it into the yard.The best garden hose for your home is strong enough to withstand years of use.You need a product that does not separate the joint from the hose.Contact us if you need high-quality and durable garden hoses.

Finally,some hoses tend to become brittle if they stay too long in the hot sun or cold weather, the garden hose has a short life.So if you just bought a new hose and want to maintain it, the following methods may help you.
garden hose

Try to drain the water pipe after each use, so that it is not under the water pressure all the time.You can easily do this by turning off the faucet and disconnecting the attachment of the hose reel.If you do this, the water will drain from the hose when you involve the hose.It is very important to ensure that your hose is drained in the winter.Many hoses split during severe cold because the water inside the hose expands and bursts.

Almost any hose will kink.Any manufacturer boasting of a “no kink” design is questionable. Don’t let the hose kink stay for —— especially in the sun.These kinks easily generate “memory” and return every time the hose is opened for use.

Make sure never kink when pack the hose.It is not a good idea to store a kinked hose, as this can cause permanent damage over time.While this is not always feasible, connecting a hose reel to a wall that doesn’t shine in afternoon sunlight is a wise precaution.This will protect your hose from harmful UV rays that will degrade them over time.

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