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PVC Garden hose is an essential part of your homes. You may not be doing gardening, while garden hose is necessary for many fields like garden watering, community factory and mining, family washing, vehicle washing, which are especially suitable for box water wheel.

There are many kinds of PVC Garden hoses with different colors , specifications, materials.Sometimes,it becomes challenging to find good-qualitied PVC Garden hose for your desired purpose.Here we share some of points for your reference.

Let’s dive in

What kind of PVC Garden Tube is of good quality

Fristly,It must be soft and flexible so that we will not worry that it will break easily.What kind of PVC Garden Tube is of good qualityFristly,It must be soft and flexible so that we will not worry that it will break easily.

Secondly,It has wear-resistant and lightweight features,

so we are able to move it more easily.Meanwhile,high wear-resistant can extend the service life,thus reducing cost waste and work efficiency.

Thridly,it is weather-tolerant.Whatever the weather, it can come in handy whenever we need it.

Forthly,we had better select non-toxic and tasteless products.As we all konw, those PVC Garden Hose contains some chemicals,which causes serious damage to our bodies in long-term use.

Finally, What you choose is available from minus 5℃ to 65℃. It is conveninent to funish your tasks.

Ordinary garden hose and knitted hose can be divided into 3 layers, 4 layers, and 5 layers,while the middle without reinforcement layer can also be done.

What kind of construction is it going to choose from

The inner tube wrapped around the line layer or knitted layer and then covers the outer tube.These two types are very widely used.

PVC kintted garden hose

We should also consider the thickness into account

(1) Ordinary three layers: 1/2 “:1.6/1.8mm, 5 / 8”: 1.8mm, 3 / 4 “: 2mm, 1”: 2mm

Kintted three layers:10-16:2mm,19-25:2.5mm, 32:3mm

(2) Ordinary four layers: 1/2 “:2mm, 5/8”:2mm, 3/4 “:2.5mm, 1”: 3mm

The four layers: 10-16:2mm, 19:2.5mm, 25-32:3mm

(3) Common /Kintted five layers: 1/2 “:3mm, 5/8”:3mm, 3/4 “:3mm, 1”:3.5mm.

The above is the specific general size information I provide,of course,we had better not choose the thickest or the thinnest, but to choose suitable for the task, can use the long term is the best.

What other hoses do you want to know analysis,please leave your ideas in the comments section,our ORIENTFLE will arrange for you.