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Layflat hose has a thin thickness, lightweight and easy to carry, many places irrigation will choose Lay flat hose, but how to choose Lay flat hose and choose good quality Lay flat hose? Today I introduce you how we should choose?

1. The fabric of the watering strip should be evenly woven, with a neat surface and no jumping double diameter, broken double diameter, jumping weft and scratches.

2. The thickness of the Lay flat hose lining should be uniform, the surface should be smooth and flat, without creases or other defects.

3.The burst pressure of the Lay flat hose, working pressure to meet the needs of use, there shall be no burst hose, and other phenomenon.
PVC Lay flat hose

Fire Lay flt hose, more suitable for sewage, PVC lined Lay flat  hose, more suitable for use in agricultural irrigation, such water hose in the use of non-toxic and odorless, will not damage crops. Synthetic rubber Lay flat hose belongs to the thickened type, the use of a wide range of scenarios. So we consume all in the purchase must consider their own use of the scene in the go to buy.

Orientflex can provide all kinds of Layflat hose, why not have a try.

Layflat hose