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Today’s PVC fiber hose is exported to Thailand, we only cooperated with the customer the year before last, the customer has 10 supermarkets, mainly about the home products, selling PVC gardening hose and other tools, we took the initiative to send samples to the customer, the customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples, our first order to the customer is the PVC garden hose, the first cooperation customer bought 20GP of PVC garden hose, different colors and sizes.

PVC garden hose is our company’s best-selling products, we have special gardening department, our PVC garden hose is very popular in Thailand, the customer is very satisfied with our products, the customer wants to expand their business, this is the first time to buy our PVC fiber hose, want to try, the purchase quantity is not particularly large, bought blue with yellow stripes, there are five different sizes, after we send the video and photos to the customer, the customer is very satisfied that and was looking forward to receiving the goods.

Some pictures are following:
PVC fiber hose is exported to Thailand
PVC garden hose
blue with yellow stripes PVC hose