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Just after the rainstorm, everywhere back to high temperature mode. The sun is hot, green irrigation is still indispensable. So 1.5 inch garden watering Lay flat hose in the use of what to pay attention to?
1.5 inch garden watering Lay flat hose

Garden Lay flat hose in the garden construction is quite a lot of use of agricultural canvas Lay flat hose, belt skin is made of high-strength polyester silk, lined with PVC lining mostly, with wear-resistant, anti-aging strong and other characteristics. Because the face is seedlings, flowers and plants, if the water flow is too large when irrigation will cause uneven irrigation, if the garden Lay flat hose is used, you do not have to worry about uneven watering, even if the irrigation is uneven, there will not be too much water gathered in one place. To ensure uniform irrigation, the size of garden Lay flat hose 1.5 inch 2 inch 3 inch mostly, because the pressure requirements are not high, 8 bar 10 bar is more common.
garden  Lay flat hose

When using Layflat hose should pay attention to:

1.laying should prevent sudden bending, change, after filling with water to prevent forced relocation on the ground

2.when passing through the road, should be padded with Layflat hose bridge guard; prevent the sun-resistant wear-resistant water pipe and have sharp hard objects touch; to canvas Lay flat hose use longer, we should carry out proper maintenance, after using the Lay flat hose pay attention to cleaning, to avoid damage to the Lay flat hose too quickly.