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Susan used to take care of her lawn carefully and water a pile of newly laid bricks with a PVC garden hose, when suddenly the water pressure in the hose began to drop, and water gushed out from a leak somewhere in the hose. Not only did she wet her own clothes, but she also lost her good mood to relax and enjoy the holiday. Have you encountered this situation?

You may not be gardening, but many tasks (such as vehicle washing, household cleaning, cooler filling, etc.) still require PVC garden hoses. They are an indispensable tool in life.

How to quickly find high-quality PVC garden pipe products?

Strength of material: You can fix one side of the PVC garden hose and then pull hard on the other side of the garden hose to get a rough estimate of the material strength. Poor quality materials can cause stretching. High quality PVC can withstand repeated stretching.

Light in weight, soft and elastic:An easy way to check the flexibility of a PVC garden hose is to bend the garden hose and see how long it can last without any permanent damage or tears. Good PVC garden hoses are not only flexible, but also durable.

Size: If you use lightweight hoses and high impact accessories, it will be a complete waste of money. A large diameter PVC garden hose can cause a drop in water pressure; Smaller diameter hoses produce excessive pressure and waste of water. Therefore, be sure to choose PVC garden hoses of the correct size. ORIENTFLEX, manufacturer of the best quality PVC garden hoses and connectors, offers hoses in a variety of sizes for optimal fit.

Good weathering resistance: People use garden hoses mainly for outdoor applications such as lawn care, gardening, irrigation and construction. Exposure to sunlight, heat, and other external factors can reduce color and material strength. Good PVC material makes garden hoses durable enough to withstand weather conditions and UV resistant to withstand outdoor conditions.

Our PVC garden hose is of various colors, light weight, soft and flexible, easy to move, good weather resistance, and can provide REACH test certificate.

If you purchase ORIENTFLEX PVC garden hoses, you will receive the best quality and the best price guarantee for PVC garden hoses. Contact us for quotes.