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There are many people are the first contact with PVC hose, only know how to use, but for how to protect to extend the life of nothing, now I’ll share with you, how to protect the PVC hose, three important tips:

PVC Pipe Place

When PVC pipe is placed in direct storage, the plane should be placed on the ground and no stones and sharp objects should be allowed to cause damage directly to the pipe wall. There may be slight deviation during storage, and the max storage deviation of PVC pipe should not exceed 3% of nominal diameter.

PVC garden hose


The max operate temperature of the ducts should be around 37 degrees. During the hot summer season, sunlight should be prevented and airflow between the pipes should be maintained to prevent the temperature from rising.

Hot&Cold water

Water pipe life with a long time, cold water hot water must go separately. Cold water pipe wall thin, hot water pipe wall thick, hot water pipe fracture resistance is better than cold water pipe. Cold water pipe is absolutely not applicable to hot water (the highest water temperature above 40 ℃ that is designated as hot water) delivery.