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This patch of good going for a Mexican customer. The customer has two stores and mainly deals in hardware accessories. This is the customer’s second order. Her first order bought our PVC garden hose, which is very popular in the local market.
When the first order was shipped, the customer mentioned that she wanted to expand the market of PVC Suction hose and PVC fiber hoses. We also brought him 20 rolls of samples. The customer was very satisfied after receiving them. No matter the color or performance of the hose, after the customer’s inspection and testing, she decided to PVC Suction hose and PVC fiber hoses this time. The customer placed the order in July. July is the lowest month for PVC raw materials every year. The price is the most suitable favorable. She ordered a 40GP container with different colors and sizes. In order to save the shipping cost for customers, we calculate the weight and volume before reloading the container each time, so as to continuously save space and save freight for customers. Followings are some pictures and description.
Different hose with different package, the worker can find and check the hose on time, they will calculate the rolls and volume, then choose the best method to load.