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Modern agriculture in irrigation is also a variety common ways are small area submersible pump connected to the Lay Flat hose, large area sprinkler irrigation operations, automatic sprinkler irrigation equipment operations. The old-fashioned irrigation methods have been replaced by modern power equipment, No matter which way have a common point that is the need to use the Lay Flat hose, then agricultural irrigation this generation how to choose the Lay Flat hose?

First of all, what are the water belts?

Agricultural irrigation commonly used water with PVC Lay Flat hose, polyurethane Lay Flat hose, plastic coated Lay Flat hose, generally in the ID of 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch more common, working pressure of 8 WP, 10 WP, 13 WP, 16 WP, etc..

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How to see the Lay Flat hose specifications model

Generally the Lay Flat hose you buy has a logo on it, such as 13-65-20, which means that this Lay Flat hose is 13 WP Lay Flat hose, which means that the working pressure is 13 kg, the size of the ID is 65mm, and the length is 20m.

How to choose the LayFlat hose

In order not to delay the irrigation time as well as the use of a longer time to buy Lay Flat hose must buy high quality, the general quality of the regular manufacturers or guaranteed, but that also need to learn the inspection of goods, general Lay Flat hose inspection methods are simple as follows.

Lay Flat hose skin inspection: smooth belt skin, no broken lines, jumping diameter, loose belt skin.

Lay Flat hose lining inspection: smooth lining without wrinkles, soft without hard, no gum off the phenomenon.

Agricultural irrigation equipment Lay Flat hose selection should also pay attention to, must choose suitable for their own, from their own use of power equipment specifications district matching, consider their own operating conditions to select materials.