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One of the hardest things about caring for a garden is lugging around a heavy garden hose — especially when it’s 100 feet long. It’s heavy and hard to roll back. When you’re done watering your garden, if you’re exhausted, just keep the hoses stacked in the corner of the garden. It’s so heavy it rolls up like a big rock.

My friend in China told me that there is a garden hose that is perfect for me and I can’t wait to try it. The garden hose that Orientflex gave me was an impressive 50% lighter than a standard garden hose. It is available in 25ft, 50ft and 100ft and lasts 10 times longer than expandable hoses.

When the new garden hose arrived, you couldn’t believe how light it is, we replaced all our hoses around our garden.

I bought a garden hose holder because I know it motivates me to put the garden hose away when I’m done, and now I just use the garden hose that Orientflex gave me so watering is a lot easier. I find it much easier to roll it up and tuck it away because there is water in it, less kinks, and then when it’s all tucked away, I release the water out of the spout.

We are currently trying to kill the grass in the area so it doesn’t pop up after the next rain, which will be monsoon season for us. Also, we will be replacing the wood fence with a smooth white cinder wall, like our property wall, so we are waiting for a quote.

In just a month of seeding and growing the bulbs in the beds and moving the vegetable appetizer to a raised bed, it was great to see it green and thriving. I am so happy to wake up every morning in spring to see what is blooming and growing. I talk to my plants to help them grow better.

I’ve also been hose-watering all my plants and veggies to repel aphids on my roses – in addition to spraying insecticide, we’ve been watering the driveway with the mud that’s been mopping up a lot lately. We have a lot of dirt here and I also had to buy a boot scraper so we could get the dirt off the bottom of our boots and put them in the mud room before we got in.

Runt’s garden tube has made all of my watering work around here a breeze and has helped take the weight off my back and drag it around. After a long day of gardening, I feel less tired. Unlike most lightweight cloth hoses, it has a hardwearing outer layer that withstands extreme temperatures and offers advanced UV protection – much needed in my city’s extreme sun and heat.

It is safe for drinking water and free of lead, BPA, phthalates and PVC, making it ideal for food gardens, RVs, boats and more.

Glad to hear that so many of you are starting to clean your garden, these products really help me keep my plants and flowers happy! I would give them to any new gardener or homeowner.