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On January 21, the mainstream averageprice of domestic pvc was 8,460 yuan/ton, 8,340 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week, and the price rose 120 yuan/ton, 1.44% within the week, 1.68% from the beginning of the month, and 19.15% compared with the same period last year.Will PVC garden hose go up in price?

PVC Garden Hose Market Analysis

This week, the pvc market continued to rise, and corporate prices rose by about 100-200 yuan/ton, and the market rose.

Recently, the central bank cut interest rates good, coupled with crude oil and coal driven, pvc futures rebound, boost the spot market rose sharply, low price goods reduced, the center of gravity shifted up.

At the beginning of the week, the disk partial strong operation, driving the pvc market began to rise, the current price rose accordingly, and the transaction atmosphere is good.

At present, pvc enterprise pre-sale is good, most have completed the task, strong.As the Spring Festival is approaching, downstream enterprises will enter the holiday mode, the purchase volume decreases, pvc enters the conventional accumulation stage, the supply and demand side gradually weakens, pvc continues to have the upward power is insufficient, and the weekend enters the finishing stage.

As of the weekend, the quotation range of domestic pvc5 stone enterprises is mostly around 8300-8850 yuan/ton, pvc5 stone in Tianjin 8550-8600 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of pvc ordinary stone in Guangzhou is 8650-8800 yuan/ton, the domestic market prices have risen.

Therefore, if you need pvc garden hose, please contact ORIENTFLEX as soon as possible, do not wait until the price is high and regret.

How To Choose PVC Garden Hose

As pvc prices fluctuate, the price of pvc garden hose is more or less affected,so before buying,what we need to do is that look before you leap.

Are you going to use it for gardening or construction activity in your home? It can be either of the two, or it can be both. A good quality garden hose is useful for both purposes.

The main reason to be clear about the intended use is that it will allow you to pick the right size and right quality of garden hose.

Secondly, if you are going to use some attachments with your garden hose, then selection of the right garden hose makes a big difference. Because use of certain accessories exerts pressure on the garden hose. If your garden hose is light duty or medium duty, then you might end up wasting money.

The Spring Festival will pass, and the downstream enterprises have entered the working mode, so the demand is gradually more.PVC materials prices may rise, so we seize the opportunity.If required, please contact ORIENTFLEX.