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Agricultural Layflat hose installation and use need to pay attention to a few points:

The role of the Agricultural Lay flat hose interface is to connect the Agricultural Layflat hose with the pump and agricultural plug. But many people do not know how to install and use it.

When connecting the plug-in interface, it should be inserted until the spring-loaded pin of the female interface is heard reaching into the slot of the male interface card to ensure a reliable connection.

When connecting the internal push button interface, the push button claw should be inserted into the slide slot and then tightened clockwise. When connecting the Agricultural Layflat hose, you also need to straighten the hose to prevent the Agricultural Layflat hose from twisting and the connector from disconnecting itself.

Agricultural Lay flat hose reminds you that when using or storing, you should avoid dropping, bumping and heavy pressure, and it is difficult to assemble and disassemble with Agricultural Lay flat hose to prevent deformation. Before connecting, you should carefully check the slots and sealing parts if there are impurities such as sludge and sand to avoid poor sealing and difficulty in assembling and disassembling.