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Generally in the storage of Layflat hose, are required to pay attention to the folded new stitching Lay flat hose straight, and then irrigation through, so mainly to ensure the hardness of the Layflat hose.

Layflat Hose
After the use is completed, you also need to pay attention to the folding, each section of the Layflat hose in the closing roll is to have two people at the same time a fold a roll, division of labor, but also make the Layflat hose Layflat hose coil quality is good, so that is to ensure the quality of storage. After the Layflat hose roll to dry, to prevent the outer surface layer is oxidized, but also classified storage to do.
Agricultural Layflat hose

Agricultural Lay flat hose is a kind of high-strength polyester and high-quality PVC synthetic materials as raw materials; light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth coating; volume half easy to collect, easy to move, no restrictions on length; low temperature water can keep the tube Hugh soft, flexible; high pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance.

Agricultural Lay flat hose has a wide range of uses in the agricultural field, but in its injection production process, some matters need to be noted.