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Proper use of agricultural Layflat hose is the way to avoid dealing with clogging. When using agricultural Layflat hose, the high pressure hose should be connected to the position close to the pump. The hose filled with water should avoid twisting or sudden bending, while the hose interface should avoid collision and damage.

After using the agricultural Layflat hose, pay attention to cleaning. Hoses for transporting foam must be carefully cleaned to protect the rubber layer. To remove grease from the agricultural Layflat hose, you can use warm water or soap to clean it. For frozen water belts, thaw them first, then wash and dry them. Do not roll up and store the water belt without drying. When laying the hose, you must avoid sharp objects and all kinds of oil. Hose hooks must be used when laying the hose vertically to high places. When laying the hose through the traffic artery, the hose bridge should be padded.
Layflat  hose

agricultural Layflat hose is easily blocked during use.

1)Affected by external causes:If there are impurities such as mud and sand in the water source to which the hose is connected, it is easy to be blocked during use. In addition, the water belt will also be affected by the temperature and flow, or water flow in some insoluble impurities will remain in the pipe, resulting in blockage.

2) improper operation of the hose: If you do not follow the requirements of the hose product manual, it is likely that the water in the hose can not be transported due to improper operation.