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PVC Clear Hose can be made in different colors. It can appear in the form of transparent. It can also appear in the form of white and gray. Transparent PVC Hose is more expensive than standard PVC Clear Hose.

On one hand,Clear Hose tubing is scarcer than white or gray hoses. It must also be carefully manufactured, monitored and packaged to maintain the highest possible clarity. Extra care must be taken to keep it scratch free, as beauty is the real selling point. Some high-end transparent PVC Clear Hose is also manufactured to FDA approved standards.

On the other hand, clear PVC tubing is primarily used for PVC clear hose systems in applications that require visual monitoring or absolute cleaning. Transparent PVC Clear Hose allows users in laboratories, food processing plants and other processing applications to closely monitor what is happening inside the hoses. In addition to institutional and industrial uses, PVC clear hose is increasingly being used by consumers in special projects. These can include everything from fish tank Settings to inventing prototypes.

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