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Many people know the hose, but they don’t really know it. What the mystery is it, ORIENTFLEX to help you reveal. ORIENTFLEX will share with you from the following parts.
Classification of layflat hose:It can be divided into single layer lay flat hose, double layer lay flat hose and coated lay flat hose.

  1. The difference between primary forming layflat hose and coated layflat hose: coated layflat hose is added more calcium, after folding or scratch with white marks, the weight is slightly heavier than the primary forming layflat hose.
  2. The difference between single layer layflat hose and double layer layflat hose:Single layer of layflat hose inner and outer glue extruded together, double layer of layflat hose first extrude the inner glue, then wound the line, and extrude the outer glue, the production process is similar to the wire hose.

You should note the following three points when buying a layflat hose

  1. Quality problems, there should be a physical testing of the water belt to see if there is water leakage where the pipe is connected.
  2. Generally speaking, the coated water belt produced by raw material is more flexible and has a longer service life than that of recycled material, so we should pay attention to distinguish whether raw material or recycled material production.
  3. The problem of plastic water belt lies in the inevitable water contact is the working water pressure. When flooding, the working pressure of plastic water belt is relatively small, while the use of sprinkler irrigation requires a large working pressure of the water belt.

layflat Hose Use precautions

Pressure: 1. The hose expands and contracts with the internal pressure and temperature. Cut the hose into a slightly longer length before use.

  1. When applying the pressure, please open the valve slowly to avoid the hose damage caused by the impact pressure.
  2. When using the pressure, the hose should be selected reasonably, according to its use and different changes of conditions.
    Winding: 1. The hose should be used in the conditions above its minimum turning radius (the minimum turning radius: 4 times the coffin diameter). If the turning radius is too small, the hose will break off and reduce the service life of the hose.
  3. When conveying the powder and delivering the particles, the bending radius of the hose should be enlarged as far as possible according to the site conditions and actual conditions.
  4. Do not use others in an extreme bending state when matching with metal joints.

Check regularly

  1. During the use of the hose, please always implement the regular inspection system
  2. The service life of the hose is affected by the physical and chemical performance, temperature, flow rate and pressure amplitude frequency of the bearing carrier. The replacement should be stopped immediately when any abnormal signs are found Four custody .
    After the hose, remove the residues inside to be placed in the room or dry ventilation to enlarge the packaging size as far as possible.
    The inventory hose shall not be less than 1m away from the heat source, and ozone, electric spark and other discharge equipment shall not be generated nearby.

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