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When it comes to the steel wire reinforced pvc hose, you must be wondering where the hose will used for, different using scenarios have different requirements, the following to introduce you to the specific content:

1.Pump: As long as the pump is pumping water, most of the use of steel wire reinforced pvc hose or PVC fiber hose these two PVC hose. The PVC fibre hose used in the construction site, because the site of the car is relatively large, if the use of PVC steel wire pipe is easier to flatten, but if it is like a farm and ordinary household or sprinkler use is more of the former, because its negative pressure capacity is better, the use of long life.

2. Oil transportation: this liquid transportation is mostly used on the anti-static steel wire reinforced pvc hose, mainly because it contains anti-static function, can reduce the danger, the electrostatic through the middle of the conductive copper wire transfer out.
Wire Reinforced Hose

3. Feeding machine: Nowadays, most of the loading machine using this pvc steel wire hose, mainly using the principle of air lifting, the raw materials through the air drive to bring raw materials up.

4. Chemical: pvc steel wire hose relatively has a certain acid and alkali resistance, is the role of other raw materials can not be replaced, but the use of the chemical industry is relatively thick, mainly considering the length of service life.