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Many people will encounter leaks when using the hose, some due to the PVC garden hose, others are not properly installed and used. In the case of leaks, do not rush, check where the leak is first.

We have to repair according to the cause of the leak, if the hose joint leakage, we can disassemble the hose, and then wrap a few turns of raw material tape around the hose joint, and then the hose can be connected. If the rupture of the hose leads to leakage, we can wrap waterproof tape around the leakage point to seal it, or directly replace a hose.


1. to repair the cause of the leak, if the hose connector leakage, we first remove the hose.

2. after the hose connector around the winding of several circles of raw material tape, and then connect the hose.

3. if the fracture leads to leakage, you can wrap waterproof tape around the leak to seal, or just replace the hose.
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How to prevent PVC garden hose

Buy regular, qualified water hose, in the selection of hose, you must go to the regular building materials market to buy. When buying, we also need to check the quality of the product, whether the product has a certificate of conformity, whether the hose is bent, whether the product has obvious folds or fractures, whether the hose is deformed, or whether the thickness of the hose are uniform.