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How to replace the joint for PVC garden hose pipe

Garden hose pipe is useful for gardens, backyards, and other places. It can help you water your lawn or fill your pool, clean your house, wash your car, etc.

As time goes on, the joint of garden hose pipe on PVC garden pipes can be completely damaged or broken by humans or ultraviolet light. You can buy a simple new garden hose joint to fix it. The new garden hose pipe will work efficiently and save some money for you.

How to repair the damaged PVC garden hose pipe with new PVC garden hose pipe?

  1. All water in the garden hose must be drained by any means, otherwise it will wet and smudge your clothes.
  2. Cut the garden hose with a sharp knife and cut off the damaged garden hose joint.
  3. Connect the garden hose connector to the garden hose pipe. If the PVC garden hose connector has a screw, tighten it with a screwdriver. For quick connections, tighten the hose cover to the main body so that the garden hose pipe can be firmly fastened.
  4. After replacing the connector, check whether the connection between the hose and hose connector is tight enough. Avoid over-high water pressure due to loose connection or incompatibility, because it may hurt people.
  5. Now we can use it as a new garden hose.

Notes in the maintenance of PVC garden hose

Because the PVC garden hose is used for a relatively long distance, it must be easy to collect and deploy. The pipe should not be particularly soft in summer and particularly hard in winter.

PVC garden hose is characterized by easy use, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, and good cold resistance. Fibers are added to the middle section to improve its internal bearing capacity.

At the same time, various interfaces can be installed and fixed easily at the connection. Because of its material, PVC garden hoses has bright color, light weight and certain elasticity.

The PVC garden hose is made up of three parts. The inside layer is an inner tube, the middle layer is a fiber layer, and the layer outside the fiber layer is called the outer layer. They form the PVC garden hose. The maintenance requirements of PVC garden hoses are as follows.

  1. Before using the PVC garden hoses, make sure that the appearance of the PVC garden hose is normal.
  2. During the normal use of PVC garden hose pipe, make sure to carry out regular monthly inspection.
  3. The service life of PVC garden hose is greatly affected by the characteristics, temperature, flow rate and pressure of the fluid. When abnormal signs are found in pre-operation inspection and regular inspection, please stop using the pipe and repair or replace it with a new PVC garden hose pipe immediately.
  4. After using the PVC garden hose, remove the residue inside the PVC garden hose pipe, and store it indoors or in a dark and ventilated place.
  5. When PVC garden hose is discarded, do not burn it, because burning will damage the incinerator. Please dispose of PVC garden hose as industrial waste.