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Some people are very curious about how long the shelf life of fire hoses is? How many years can fire hoses last? Each kind of different materials of fire hose provides different use life, commonly used lay flat fire hose products use the following end-of-life period, rubber lay flat fire hose use end-of-life period for 1 year, polyurethane fire hose use end-of-life period for 2 years, PVC fire hose use end-of-life period for 2 years.You should take care from the two sides:

① Management. To implement dedicated management, classified by quality, numbered book, and keep track of the quality and use of the water belt. Establish a sound water belt maintenance system, often educate the whole staff to consciously comply.

② storage. Should be set up specifically for storage or storage room, long-term storage of spare water belt to choose the right temperature, ventilated place to store, water belt should be a single layer rolled up standing on the water belt rack, twice a year to turn or exchange the folded edge once. With the water belt to avoid friction with each other, when necessary to exchange the folded edge.
Flexible Pvc Hose Lay Flat