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This time we are testing PVC suction hose, in black, smooth surface , the customer is from Brazil.

They are a small wastewater treatment plant, they use these hoses to carry out the first pass of the sewage, the sewage will be transported to the first link of filtration, the customer often purchase the equipment in China, buy PVC suction hose in their local, this time because the customer’s container has some space, he wants to fill the container, and at the same time try the Chinese PVC suction hose, after more consideration and selection, he chose our PVC suction pipe, we are very happy that the customer will choose us.
Quality Test PVC Suction Hose

we will also be serious production, do a good job in every link for customer service. This time just want a trial order, not a large amount, but also the first time to buy our products, we have sent samples to customers in the last month, the customer is very satisfied, the appearance of PVC suction hose translucent smooth, especially this order is black, if there are scratches, will be very obvious to be found, so we are very careful in the process of production, testing, and shipping, pay attention to the maintenance of the surface of the tube. We also do the best we can in packaging to satisfy our customers, here are some inspection photos.