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When buy PVC garden hose in the shop, many consumers will be worried, in the end what is considered advantageous hose, a good plastic hose can be used for 3-5 years, while the poor quality of less than 1 year will appear oil, hard, discoloration and other phenomena.

The following Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. suggests that we can take a look at the two touch three smell method to identify its quality.

A look: first of all, we should look at the appearance of the hose, from the colour luster, the thickness of the wall, the sparse density and uniformity of the network, the distribution of the material of the cross-section of the tube body to judge. The more uniform the colour, the thicker the tube wall thickness in the same specification, the denser the network, the more uniform, the tube body cross-sectional material distribution rules, no honeycomb, indicating that the tube will not be bad to where it goes.

Secondly, see whether it is a formal manufacturer, where the formal manufacturers will be printed with manufacturers, some important product parameters information, and traceability code.

The second touch: the smoothness of the surface, feel the surface with your hands whether it is smooth; bend the tube to see whether he will rebound and the speed of the rebound, the faster the rebound speed, the better the proof of its elasticity, the less likely to deform.

Three smell: whether it comes with some pungent smell, if you can obviously smell the pungent smell, it means that the PVC plastic hose is not environmentally friendly material.

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