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ORIENTFLEX will share their differences with you, inform you about the benefits of hoses, and provide you with some help when purchasing!

The difference between the two:
Lay flat hose is a kind of soft hose. There are a lot of applications of lay flat hose in life and industry. For example, the hose used on the dropper in the hospital, the suction pipe used on the vacuum cleaner, and hoses used in the industry, the factory, the transportation, and so on.

There are many categories of lay flat hoses due to the material, such as PVC hoses, PE hoses, PU hoses, metal hoses, etc.

Lay flat pipe can be also classified by lining, such as metal reinforced hose, steel reinforced hose, reinforced plastic tube, woven hose and so on. In fact, braided hose is commonly known as reticulated braided hose. Such hose is generally small in diameter and can bear certain pressure when used on peristaltic pump. The purpose of weave pattern is also to strengthen it.

And the pipeline is a device for conveying gas, liquid or fluid with solid particles, which is connected by pipes, pipe couplings and valves. Generally, after being pressurized by a blower, compressor, pump, boiler, etc., the fluid flows from the high-pressure part of the pipeline to the low-pressure part, and can also be transported by the pressure or gravity of the fluid itself. The pipeline is widely used, mainly used in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial installations.
lay flat hose

How to choose lay flat hose

Summer is coming before we know it, and you need to be well prepared and control your irrigation.This is where you may find the need to invest in or replace your current law flat hose for reliable and consistent irrigation. Our Lay flat hoses are on hand to provide you with that essential liquid transportation through the toughest conditions.

We’re proud to offer you some of the strongest and most reliable lay flat hoses in the industry to bring consistency to your irrigation.

Made from PVC, Our lay flat hoses are incredibly flexible and kink-resistant, enabling them to be easily compressed when not in use. This also makes them ideal for storage and transportation, as well as very user-friendly too.


Their strength and durability deters rotting and also prevents abrasion, ensuring your lay flat hose enjoys the longest possible lifespan.

Despite our lay flat hoses offering unrivalled strength and durability, their lightweight nature means that they’re incredibly easy to transport and use. Their collapsible design makes layout and combined with their excellent functionality, they continue to prove to be the ideal irrigation solution for a variety of industries including farming and construction.

Available in a variety of densities, length sizes, our lay flat hoses combine excellent quality with a budget –friendly price tag to suit every industry requirement.

So if you need lay flat hoses,please contact ORIENTFLEX.