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How do you preserve a garden hose? First, you need a garden hose holder. This is a tool hanging on the garden wall. Not only does it save space, But the only disadvantage of using a hose rack is also that you have to wind the hose yourself.

If you want your garden hose to last longer. You need to do the following steps:

1. You need to drain the garden hose after each use. Let as much water out of the hose as possible.

2. Check whether the water pipe is damaged: Check whether the fittings at the end of the water pipe are damaged, and then check whether the water pipe itself has cracks. If there are any cracks, cut the part from the hose and replace it with a hose repair machine.

3. Store the garden hose indoors. Helps extend their service life. A garage (preferably a warm place) is a good place to store hoses.

garden hose

How to choose the right garden pipe?

When choosing the right garden hose, many factors must be considered: the length and diameter of the hose, and how it is made. The length is usually 20 to 50 meters. Therefore, in order to select the ideal hose, you should measure the length of the hose that needs to be covered from the water pipe connection to the vegetation before purchasing.

Garden hoses are available in various diameters. Rule of thumb: The larger the diameter, the higher the flow rate (the amount of water that can flow through the hose at any given time). However, larger diameters mean heavier and harder to handle. For this reason, small diameter hoses are recommended for almost all garden irrigation.