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Today I will explain to you what is an agricultural hose and its application.

what is an Agricultural hose?

Agricultural hoses are designed to withstand many environmental conditions and harsh ambient temperatures. In order to strengthen their structure, many agricultural hoses use spring wire helix; Others have an all-plastic construction with a plastic spiral on the outside and a smooth interior. In some applications with special sensitivities or other requirements, agricultural hoses are usually made of materials acceptable to the FDA.

Types of hoses for agricultural applications

Depending on your specific agricultural application, you can use a variety of types of agricultural hoses, including:

Spread of fertilizer
A spouted agricultural spray hose can apply mud, liquid or solid fertilizer or manure. In the application of agricultural hose, broadcasting is the least time – and energy-efficient. Broadcasting also creates uniformity in the application pattern. However, topsoil seeding causes the gradual decay of organic parts of the soil surface and promotes nitrogen loss to the atmosphere.

For fertilizer seeding, reliable fertilizer hoses are required to provide consistent results. In many broadcast applications, a flexible hose system is used to apply fertilizer or compost to a cultivated field or meadow.

Picking cotton
For cotton picking applications, it is important to have the right hose to meet your needs without the risk of failure. Cotton picking hoses are often used in today’s systems, typically using flexible suction hoses and suction heads to pneumatically pick cotton, driven by an engine.

Typically, these hoses are mounted on straddle tractors and work in conjunction with baling mechanisms. Cotton harvesting systems pack the cotton immediately after it is picked. After packing, the large bales are moved to an elevated dry floor before being transferred to the processing facility.

Vacuum of grain
If you require a solution for grain vacuum valuing applications, orientflex is able to offer a highly flexible heavy-duty clear polyurethane hose with rigid black exterior PVC helical and embedded copper ground wire. Closed copper ground wires are ideal for reducing static buildup when dealing with small amounts of dry material.

This special agricultural hose is easier to handle and lighter weight than thick-walled PVC hoses, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring adequate airflow as well as excellent hydrolysis and microbial resistance, tear resistance, high tensile strength and extreme wear resistance. You can also use this hose for purposes other than grain vacuum vacuuming, including other high volume material handling applications.